In July 2011, founder Kayla Moses attended her first natural hair expo in her hometown Richmond, va. While walking down the convention center corridor she looked over at co-founder Alison Baugh and stated, “all these natural hair women shouldn’t have to come together only for a two day weekend event once a year.” This is where the idea sparked for creating community around natural hair in Richmond, Va.

Fast Forward a few years and the idea for RVA’s very own natural hair boutique came from a place of frustration of shipping prices and purchasing natural hair products from several vendors. Kayla would purchase one item and shipping would cost more than that product. Or, having to purchase two products from this store, this product online, and hair oils at this store. It was really just wanting the ability to purchase the majority of haircare products in one place all while eliminating shipping cost. Not only that, it was about creating this natural hair experience. Offering a space where natural hair shopping meets hair care education. This is what you cannot find in most chain stores or local beauty supply stores.  Curl Garden is about educating afro, kinky, coily, curly hair girls and women on their hair and getting the right products in their hand. And with that we have Curl Garden.